FOG Project with clonezilla

  • How can I implement both? I am new to FOG Project. I got it up and running, but now I am stuck on how to implement. Any suggestions?

  • Why would you want to run both clonezilla and FOG? FOG uses partclone which is the same program clonezilla uses. That said, it’s one thing if you wanted to use a CloneZilla Image on a host. We do have support for that, by simple creating the Image definition and setting the Image Manager to Uncompressed. FOG, however, has many more options readily available and configurable via the GUI. Again, this is not to say you cannot use Clonezilla images with FOG. However, FOG manages hosts, inventory, images, and much more through a simple web gui. Running clonezilla is possible, but still means you have the manual tasks to complete.

    I guess we need to understand the why of this more so we can try to help you out more.

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    @fristhost FOG Project and Clonezilla are close cousins in the terms of imaging. Each use similar cloning tools but go about it a bit differently. If you want a stand alone imaging tool use clonezilla, where you can clone to locally attached storage. If you want a network based imaging and management tool then use FOG.

    If you want to get started with FOG there is a wiki pages to help with first steps:

    And the user guide:

    Eventhough fog and clonezilla use similar cloning tool, you can not share captured images between the tools. If you want to deploy with FOG you need to capture the image with FOG. If you want to deploy with Clonezilla then you need to capture with Clonezilla. Both imaging tools have their advantages and disadvantages.