Hyper-V or Oracle VirtualBox - Can't PXE Boot/Upload Image to FOG

  • Hello all, I’m sure this is just me but it’s been beating me up for a couple of days. I cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME get either Hyper-V VMs or Oracle VirtualBox VMs to upload an image to FOG. Hyper-V just won’t PXE boot at all into FOG, VirtualBox I get a bit further and can get to a FOG page and register a client, but when setting the machine to draw and image up to the FOG server it doesn’t want to PXE boot, gives an odd DHCP message.

    Anyone got either of the above working?

    Thanks much for any and all hand-holding! 🙂

  • @george1421

    I used to see the issues with warm boots on older versions. That seems to not be the case in the latest version.

  • Moderator

    I have seen warm boots with virtual box not pxe boot the second time. But if you completely power off the vm after registering it it should pxe boot. It seems to be a quirk in VB.

    Hyper-V seems to have its own issue, but pxe booting shouldn’t be one. With hypver-v we are seeing some report very slow write speeds with hyper-v vms.

  • @JRA

    Virtualbox is where I make all my base images. Are you using EFI or just a standard BIOS VM?