Images partition is 1TB but only showing as 45GB in Fog

  • Hi, when i setup my fog server i set an allowance of 1TB of space for the /images/ partition. But when i look in FOG it only says that the storage space is 45GB, this has caused lots of problems as trying to upload images and fog server is crashing and unable to be used. Anyone got any ideas why Fog is only displaying the storage as 45 GB?..and is there a way of increasing the space to use the full 1TB

    included some screen shots to have a look at
    fog error.JPG

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    @Peter365 The only comment I can make is watch the permissions on the /images directory now. If you run into upload issues issue this command (note is a bit loose with the security, but its not too big of a risk) chmod -R 777 /images

  • @george1421 Thats excellent! many thanks for your help.

    I followed your steps and it is now showing the storage location with the correct amount of space in it. Also learned a few things… especially that Linux is case sensitive! haha… i will watch what I’m doing with my upper case letters from now on.

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    @Peter365 ok here is how we will proceed.

    1. Move everything from /images to /Images
      mv /image/* /Images
    2. Do an ls -la /images and ensure the directory is blank.
    3. Unmount /Images
      umount /Images
    4. Now edit your fstab and change the line where the mountpoint is /Images (the line with centos-Images in it) to the /images (note the lower case i) What we are doing is mounting the 931GiB partition onto /images instead of /Images. I know it sounds a bit confusing, but we are putting the disks into the configuration standard for FOG. This will save you headache in the future. Now save the fstab file.
    5. From the linux command prompt key in mount -a
    6. Now see what is in /images ls -la /images It now should contain everything it had originally before we moved it.
    7. If you issue the lsblk command again you will now see that centos-Images is mounted to /images.
    8. Done and done

  • @george1421 I don’t need both ideally, i would prefer to have /Images as the storage locations, so that i have plenty of space for customized images.

    Here is the output:


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    @Peter365 Do you need both storage locations?

    What does the output of ls -la /images and ls -la /Images look like?

  • @george1421 ah yeah i see that now, I’m still getting used to Linux.

    So how can i resolve this, can i just add /Images as a new storage node in FOG to use to store my new images?

  • I might be wrong, but when testing FOG configurations myself, I noticed that using dynamic VHD, and LVM FOG did not want to work. After thorough investigation, I noticed the disks were attempting to grow, but just creating unused space, without expanding the partition itself. I ended up booting into Parted Magic to get a graphic representation of the Disks, and finished expanding them manually.

    (For some reason, it did not display unused space in Ubuntu Server 18.04 for me)

    If the @george1421 's solution does not work, I would Live boot a Linux Distro with a GUI and investigate the partition layout using the Disk Management tool (Forgot what its really called).

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    /images != /Images linux is case sensitive. It appears that /images is on your root partition that is why fog is reporting 45GB. /Images (upper case I) is where your big disk is.

  • images on server:

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