SOLVED Things to know about Fishing Kayak

  • There are two types of kayaks: the sit – inside and the sit – on – top.
    The sit – on – top is relatively new to the sport of kayaking and many people suppose that this one is not a real kayak but the sit – on – top has several advantages as it allows you grab tools and get in or out of easily, and it is more stable. There are two drawbacks: you may get wet when paddling and travel quite slowly. Best Fishing Kayak

    The sit – inside is the traditional kayak and provides better performance of paddling. However, this type has certain limitations in essential areas to fishermen such as stability, safety, capacity, and storage.
    Moving on to the quality of kayaks, not every kayak is made equally and choosing the proper kayak has several difficulties. Kayaks are created in two ways: the roto-molding process and combining two halves. Between these two options, the major manufacturers go for the first one because the other way of making usually results in leakage.
    The performance of a kayak also one of its features. For every kayak, you can only choose speed or stability. The wilder your kayak is, the more stable it becomes and the narrower it is, the faster it goes. There are some other factors affects performance such as storage, capacity, and length. However, if you are new to kayak fishing, stability comes first.
    How to choose a good fishing kayak
    Choosing the right kayak may trigger you for the first time but no need to worry. Here are some tips you might want to take notes.

    1.  Prioritize stability

    Kayak fishing can be enjoyable and dangerous at the same time. For some people, stability always comes into priority as it allows them to stand up, sight cast and maneuver while fishing, and the wilder your kayak is, the more stable it becomes.
    Although stability is the number 1 factor influencing your decision to make, it can reduce speed and tracking performance.
    2. Pedal or Paddle
    Whether pedal or paddle is the best option for kayak fishers is still a hotly debated topic.
    Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.
    · Paddle
    · Pros: Simple and affordable
    A paddle requires you fewer steps when getting into the water and basically, all you have to do while using a paddle is sticking to the roots of paddling.

    In addition, a traditional kayak costs much less expensive than a pedal one as no special equipment is needed, and the cost for a paddle kayak can be as low as 500$.
    · Cons: Hard to control under specific conditions
    Using a paddle may cause you some controlling problems when confronting windy weather or strong currents. While you go fishing with a paddle, your arms are used to hold the rod and reel, little control on the kayak can be made and this can be a real struggling under such windy conditions and sea currents.
    · Pedal
    · Pros: Speedy, efficient and hands - free control
    A pedal device is faster and cuts larger bodies of water than a traditional one. It also allows you to have more control over your position while fishing (which is the most difficult task). These three advantages have made a pedal an ideal fishing kayak to many anglers.
    · Cons: Expensive
    If you are in a low budget, you may have a second thought as a pedal kayak’s cost can be up to 3000$. Moreover, special clearance is needed when you make use of a pedal and you may have to spend more on additions
    3. Consider transportability
    Do notice size and features of your kayak, the more features it has, the heavier it becomes. Thus, make sure how you will move it before you buy it.
    4. Storage
    When purchasing a kayak, consider how much storage you will need. There are some types you may want to take a look: the rear tank, the central console, the front hatch, and the hull storage.
    The rear tank allows you to have enough room to carry fishing gear as well as personal stuff and this is also one of the most important storage.
    The central console is not always featured on the kayak but it would be an ideal place to hold your lures and accessories as you can get them easily and quickly.
    The front hatch and the hull storage are available to carry gears that you don’t need during your fishing day such as a paddle. 10+ Best Fishing Kayak Reviews in 2020
    Which brands to buy
    · Jackson Kayak:
    § based in Sparta, Tennessee since 2003.
    § Innovative products
    § $899 to $2999
    · Native Watercraft:
    § Based in North California
    § The first to offer pedal
    § Specialized kayaks for fishing
    § Environmentally friendly
    § Prices aren’t listed on their website
    · NuCanoe:
    § Offers models of fishing and hunting kayaks
    § Stability and safety come first
    § Prices start at $1299

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