Freeze at 4GiB - Windows 10 deployment on KVM

  • I have set up my first FOG server and after a bit of Windows-related trouble, I got it to work. I have an Ubuntu server with FOG running and when I try to PXE boot directly from my PC it works fine. What I want to accomplish, though, is to PXE boot from a VM through KVM. I can Host register the VM fine and everything seems in order when I try to deploy the image. The problem arises when I get to just under 4GiB deployed the VM just freezes and after a minute shuts down.

    I know there exists a limitation on Fat 32 which is 4GB, but I have no idea if this is relatable or how to fix it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    @Mr_Matten Ah, glad you figured it out!

  • @Quazz Thank you for helping me brainstorm. I finally figured it out. I had apparently used too much of the system RAM (12GB) which made it freeze at 4GB

  • @Quazz Yes, off course, thank you for assisting
    VM stats:
    Chipset: Q35
    CPU: 3 cores, host-model (copy host CPU configuration)
    RAM: 8GB
    SSD: fixed size 100GB, SATA, raw
    NIC: eth, bridge, e1000e, active

    I thought about the CPU at first it’s just weird that it’s the same place it stops working. I also tried with both 1 core, 2 core and 3 cores and tried with host-passthrough.

    FOG is setup with intel.efi

    I have tried some different settings in FOG with Image Manager and Image Type. Is it essential to have these set to something specific? I have Single Disk - Resizable and Partclone Gzip currently. Also tried with Multiple Partition Image - Single Disk (Not Resizable)

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    @Mr_Matten Is the VM hard disk “dynamic” in size or fixed? (if it’s dynamic, try making it fixed instead, large enough to deploy the image of course)

    Might also be worth going over the settings, especially CPU, since during deploy the client (the device you’re deploying to) will uncompress the image and then write which is CPU intensive.

    It also needs enough RAM ofc.

    Might be worthwhile to show us the VM settings altogether

  • @Quazz sorry for my unclarity, I am trying to deploy my image

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    @Mr_Matten Just to clear things up are you trying to capture or deploy the image when it goes wrong?

  • Not that I know of. The partition it gets saved on is ext4, but I don’t know how it formats it internally. I am using virt-manager to create the “harddisk” and I have tried both their raw and qcow2 and gets a .img or .qcow2 file.

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    @Mr_Matten said in Freeze at 4GiB - Windows 10 deployment on KVM:

    I know there exists a limitation on Fat 32 which is 4GB, but I have no idea if this is relatable or how to fix it.

    Well, do you use FAT32 or any other old filesystem at all?