SOLVED Image size not reporting correctly for all images in FOG WebUI

  • Some of my image sizes aren’t being read correctly at the UI. Some are correct, some are showing the full size of the drive or partition that the image was captured from. I upgraded to 1.5.7. Any way to correct this for the current images or should the sizes appear correctly after capturing new images going forward?

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    @brakcounty Any news on this?

  • ill take a look next time i capture. i make sure the actual image size is the compressed, used data from the drives i capture, in the terminal using dh -u. we use a custom sccm image that is based on the stock windows install, which has bitlocker disabled.

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    @brakcounty Image size will only change after you capture the image again. But I wonder why you seem to have images being the full size of the disk. This might be caused by Windows disk encryption called BitLocker for example. Keep an eye on the blue partclone screen when you capture. Does it say NTFS or RAW??