SOLVED Installed Snapins shown as not installed

  • Hello,

    I have two 2 Snapins, and they work without any problems. One Snapin is Office and the other a programm for a school book.

    For example the Office Snapin: It works perfectly. I can start Word, Excel, etc. on the host Computer without any errors.

    BUT: In the FOG Webinterface it is shown as not installed. Again I can select the Office Snapin to install to a computer, where Office already is installed.

    Is this a known problem? Which logs do you need so you can help me?


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    @Lugga said in Installed Snapins shown as not installed:

    BUT: In the FOG Webinterface it is shown as not installed.

    As Tom said, FOG only tracks the return code but not the status of a software installation. Do you mean the return code? What happens if you run your silent office installer from the command line and check the return code? Be aware that fog-client runs as a service and uses the SYSTEM account therefore. So testing things with a user account might give you a different return code. If you want to try it as SYSTEM you need to look into using PsExec. Search the forums for that.

  • Snapins do not show whether they were installed or not, because snapins aren’t tracking software and their status. Snapins are a simple means of running scripts on the client machine. We don’t track them. We track the return codes of snapins. Not whether or not that snapin has been installed, if that install succeeded or failed, or any thing else you might think snapins do. They were not designed to do such a thing as it is something relatively complex to work out.