Boot Fog image to update?

  • Hi I was wondering if there any solution to updating the fog images directly on the fog server storage? whether that is mounting the image in a VM? Or is the standard practice to deploy the image to hardware, patch it and add software then capture again. Thank you.

  • Moderator

    Because the image is extracted and compressed it would be more than difficult to make that a live image where you can patch it and then reseal the image. It would be faster to deploy it to a VM patch and then recapture. But with this method you will run into a limit on the number of times you can sysprep an image. There are workarounds but its just one more hoop to jump through.

    I can tell you how my company handles this (which may not be the best way for you), we use Microsoft’s Deployment Toolkit to build our reference image using the lite touch method. So every time we need to update the golden image we make the adjustments in MDT and then have MDT rebuild the golden image, we then sysprep it and capture with FOG. MDT gives us a consistent golden image each time we run the task sequence so we don’t need to validate the image each time its rebuilt. That single captured image is then deployed to our fleet of 14 different dell models. One image for all. (truth be told its 2 images for all, one is for bios based computers and the other is for uefi based computer. MDT builds them both the same way for us).

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