• Is there a version of the fog installer that doesn’t rely on systemctl to run? I’m using Devuan which is debian based but doesn’t include systemd which is the way I like it. However the installer for FOG keeps calling systemctl to install. Is there a way around this or am I just going to have to abandon FOG cause I’m not going to systemd.

  • @Sebastian-Roth I don’t think it’s necessary unless you just want to do it for kicks. I abandoned it and went with CentOS 7 and was able to get up and running

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    @cromag So should I still look into the installer to work on Devuan?

  • @george1421 Sorry for the confusion. Installing dnsmasq on the system-v wasn’t the problem, it is indeed with the installer. Installing dnsmasq on a systemd distro has been the headache but I think I may have got it all sorted out. Fingers crossed.

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    @cromag DNSMASQ should work just fine on system-v systems. Just use the chkconfig command to stop the conflicting program from starting. As long as your linux repo has version 2.76 or later of dnsmasq you can install it directly from your repo. I understand this will not help you with the fog side of the install.

  • @Sebastian-Roth It maybe too much of a hassle either way. I’m simply trying to get dnsmasq to work as a proxydhcp cause I don’t want to modify my existing dhcp. I can’t install dnsmasq cause systemd-resolved uses the same port. I can’t get systemd-resolved to stop using that port so I can install dnsmasq. stopping it, disabling it. It’s a real pain in the butt. I noticed that there is a fog tutorial on how to use dnsmasq and centos… unfortunately I can’t find one for ubuntu based distros. So you can just close this question and I’ll keep fumbling around until I get it to work.

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    @cromag The installer was created before systemd was in use everywhere und I think we still have parts of that in there. On the other hand we won’t be able to keep with another distro if it’s was different to the other. Not saying that it cannot be done but if it turns out to be more work than half an hour I would need to ask you to help us make it work and keep it up to date!

    Will have a look at it tomorrow. Please post the two log files the installer has created in fogproject/bin/error_logs/…