Image deletion issue if "mass mode" used

  • Hello guys!

    I found a strange thing during image deletion. My colleague reported that deleted images still are on disk, so I investigated and found the following. If I want to delete more than one image, I do the following. List images, put the checks on the selected ones, then I press “delete selected ones”. If I do so, images are deleted from database properly, but files are intact, stay on disk.

    If I want to delete one image only, I go to image data page, on the left i click on delete. THEN it asks if I want to delete the files, too. check put, database entry and files are gone with the clicks.

    What is the difference? I mean why the “delete files, too” question is not asked on mass deletion? It is not a huge issue, but when we delete images, we delete more at once (version upgrade on production machines with different setups).

    Fog version: 1.4.4, OS Debian.

  • Oh… I didnt even think about it that way. Especially that we have the “locked” state for the same purpose, prevent accidental deletion. Actually it is a double of the double protection. Not truly bad, but… strange design.

  • Moderator

    This is expected and designed that way to prevent accidental deletion of your raw image files. I agree there should be a pop-up stating that the raw files won’t be removed if you delete the definition from the list view. At the moment the raw files can only be removed by going into the image definition and deleting that way.