SOLVED Postdownload script error halts execution

  • Firstly to the devs and the support folks thanks for this amazing software! I got all the imaging setup and in use. Unfortunately I hit a snag on the next steps. After imaging, the fog.postdownload script throws errors about not being able to find /usr/share/fog/lib/
    Since the variables are undefined the calls to them in the successive scripts fail out and quit. This happens on physical machines, VMs, EFI and BIOS type image deployments. any help would be greatly appreciated I have been trying to fix this issue for over a day.

    alt text

  • I was using notepad ++. I guess creating the files from scratch uses the windows CR EOL format. I switched them all to LF and will never have this insanity happen again!


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    @jenzo For your sanity, if you write bash scripts using windows use notepad++ ( ) its an excellent cross platform text editor and won’t insert Ctrl-M at the end of each line like notepad does.

  • I have searched the forums for a day but a new search today yielded a suggestion to save the postdownload scripts as LF/UNIX format. this was the solution.


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    @jenzo Did you create the script in Windows using the common Notepad? Use an editor like Notepad++ and convert all the Windows new lines to Linux one!