SOLVED Group printer settings defaulting to ONLY ASSIGNED PRINTERS

  • So some of my computer labs lost their network printers that are pushed via GPO. I can’t find anything in AD so I poke in FOG and I see that under the lab’s groups the PRINTERS tab is set to ONLY ASSIGNED PRINTERS. This removes all non-fog managed printers. I switch it to NO PRINTER MANAGEMENT and update the group, it said it’s saved. Then I exit fog and look back a bit later and it’s back at ONLY ASSIGNED PRINTERS. I change it, leave, go back, and again it’s defaulted back to ONLY ASSIGNED PRINTERS. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Senior Developer

    @njones You expect group settings to be what I’d call “persistent” but that is not the case in FOG. Groups are more or less just a tool to push settings out to severl host objects but does not store the group information within the group object. Please search the forums for “persistent groups” and read a couple of topics on this.