Computers not booting to FOG server?

  • Multiple computers, all set to PXE boot with LAN. They look for a PXE server until they fail and continue normal boot proceedure. This is a completely clean install with a static IP for the server. Any ideas are appreciated.

    Screens attached.


    Basic Network:

    Modem to Router
    Router to switch
    router to several computers
    switch to fog server in question
    switch to other computers

    *NO Microsoft servers are in this loop


  • NOTE: I HAVE fixed the issue myself. Turns out I forgot to set the fog server as a dhcp server as well! oops…

    [B][SIZE=7][COLOR=#ff0000]case solved!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

  • Dlink DIR-628. The router is not the issue, as I’ve successfully setup a fog server before, and now when I’m attempting to do it again, it does not work. I suspect it is some configuration in the router that is messing it up.

  • what type of router?

  • the router.

  • where is your DHCP server or what are you using for DHCP






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