Deployment of multi-partition image failure

  • After deploying win10 image to laptop all disks fail to boot. Checking partitions with win10 install disk shows one partition on secondary drive that is the full size of the image

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    @zclift15 Any news on this?

  • Developer

    @zclift15 What does disk management on the source machine look like from which you captured the image?

    Do both laptops have identical UEFI settings?

  • Some more info:

    The captured machine and the deployed machine are identical laptops with an m.2 ssd which I would like to be the main drive and a secondary ssd which is empty. The capture was a single disk all partitions non resizable. The deployment was done in about 13 min with an average speed of about 10gb/min. The laptops are connected through a USB C ethernet adapter and booted into USB NIC. Using the win 10 install usb I was not able to “Repair Windows”. Prior to deployment the laptop had ubuntu installed

  • @Sebastian-Roth I cannot boot into windows at all. After deploying the image, fog seems to think everything is okay but the computer will only boot to either a black screen or a selected boot device failed screen. Using a windows install usb I was able to see this:

    alt text

    As you can see the full image appears to have been placed into one single partition on the wrong disk

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    @zclift15 Please post pictures of Windows disk management so we also see what you have. It’s very hard to help with that little information.

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