[HELP]Hardware-Independent Images on Linux ?

  • Hello guys from FOG community, i want to know if it´s possible to make Hardware-Independent Images on linux systems ? In the tutorial on “Making Images” link, i found only the windows tutorial and don´t saying anything about linux. Can anyone help me if it´s possible ?

    Thanks for attention and sorry for not so good English…rs

    Regards, Igor.

  • No, no, sorry for not clarifying. It’s just an open question, because I’ll do it, but we don’t know if it would work or not. 😄

    Thanks for clarifying George. I will do and test and if we encounter any error or problem, i will ask here for support. Thanks again!!! 🙂


  • Moderator

    Lets make sure we understand. You CAN create a linux reference image and deploy it to many hardwares. You don’t have to do anything special. A typical mainstream Linux distribution has all of the drivers on the hard drive already. When Linux boots, it identifies the installed hardware and automatically loads the correct drivers. The only thing you can’t do is capture an image from a bios based computer and deploy it to a uefi system. This won’t work. But that is also the same for MS Windows.

    Are you having a specific problem, or is this just an open question?