15Z980 LCD Replaced (NOT compatible with 15Z970???)

  • Hello everyone,
    The screen cracked on my 15Z980 and I bought a used (tested, working) from ebay. The screen came from a 15Z970. It looks identical to the one from 1980. It plugs in perfectly. But when I turn on the laptop the screen is very dark and flickers. It actually goes a little lighter when I turn down the brightness. Does anyone have any idea what can be wrong? These screens are very expensive and almost impossible to find. I appreciate any suggestions.

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    @elibirau Just so you are aware, this is not a hardware forum by any means. There are way better places to post this kind of questions with people around knowing way more about hardware than we do! This forum is about the FOG project… 🙂

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    I would contact the seller saying they sent to a defective screen.

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