Adding local storage via external USB drive

  • I need to take an image of 2 servers at the end of each month to move off site via a 1TB USB external drive. I want to leave my current images in the “images” folder. How do I add my external USB drive as a local storage option for the FOG server for these 2 servers?

  • Moderator

    It should.

    Plug in the USB drive. See where it mounts, usually /media/something. You can cat /etc/mtab to get the device info also, just look for something being mounted to /media/something.

    Make a directory for the server image under /images, something like /images/Server1.

    Mount the device to the folder you just created: sudo mount /dev/usbhdd1 /images/Server1

    See if it works. If so, you can add it to the fstab so it mounts the folder on every boot up. You may also need to use the same usb port each time, but I’m not sure how Linux ID’s the external drive for mounting purposes.

  • ok, so can you point me in the right direction with commands to accomplish this? If I do this then will the image save only on the external drive? I have hardly any room left on the server hard drive.

  • Moderator

    It may be easier to just upload them to the /images folder and then copy/move them to the USB drive.

    If not, you can mount the subfolder for an individual image to an external drive, so that say /images/Server1 mounts to the external drive.