Auto-backup of several exportable items from the WebUI

  • So i ran into an issue recently where i had to reformat my server, reinstall FOG, and import the following from backups that i had:
    Users, Hosts, Groups, Images, and FOG Settings. I manually backed up /images to a different workstation with plenty of space. I used the export function to create these backups. My coworker had registered a new host and captured an image after i had created those backups. So he had to re-do that work. So is there a way to automatically backup those items on schedule? Not sure if using mysql will export all of those items. If it does then i can just create a cronjob to complete that task. I will run it every weekend when no one will be capturing or deploying images.

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    @brakcounty It contains all of the exportable items and more (like deployment history, inventory, snapin groups, and other things I can’t remember without looking). The fog database is everything except the raw image data stored in /images. With the metadata (mysql database) and the raw image files in /images you can rebuild your fog server from a fresh install.

  • forgive me but i just want to clarify that the entire sql database consists of all of those exportable items found in the web ui?

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    I would use the mysqldump command to export the entire fog database.

    You might want to review this wiki page:

    Its focus is for FOG migration, but if you have a dead server then you are already there. Just make sure you have a copy of the FOG database and the images. As long as you are restoring to the same version of FOG you will have no problems getting back up and running.