Cannot Log In to Web Interface

  • Fog Version: 1.5.7
    Server OS: Debian 10.0

    I set up a new server yesterday to begin imaging some win 10 laptops and after getting the server set up and I started capturing the image from the base laptop and I left it to go over night. I have not touched the web server password and thus it should be the default still. However when I try to log in the page just resets and does not let me log in. I still have access to the Debian CLI.

    Update: I was not able to start deploying the image from the PXE boot menu. It asked me for the GUI user and pass and the default make the screen freeze on Attempting to Register Host

  • Moderator

    There is a wiki page to reset the default fog admin’s password. Its here:

    I would also look at both the apache and php-fpm’s log files in /var/logs directory to see if there is any error messages listed in there.

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