Samba domain migration on Ubuntu question

  • I didn’t see a forum here for generic questions not exactly related to fog so I figured I’d try here. We’ve got a Ubuntu 18.04 server running fog 1.5.6. It was upgraded from Ubuntu 10.04 and fog was upgraded from 1.2.0. It also runs our NT4 style Samba domain. We’re in the process of upgrading all our host machines from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and they have issues connecting to the NT4 domain. We’re looking to migrate from Samba NT4 to Samba AD. We can’t seem to find good instructions on migrating under Ubuntu 18.04. I’ve found instruction on Samba’s site but they’re not Ubuntu specific and I’ve found instructions on creating an AD on Ubuntu 16.04 but not migrating. Has anyone done this before? If this is too off-topic feel free to remove this post. Just figured I’d ask.


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    @chunter2 You are free to ask pretty much anything here but don’t expect a full answer. 😉

    Though you are using FOG this has not much to do with it and I won’t find the time to step you through this. Maybe other user will.

    What I was actually trying to say is that there are forums with users way more experienced on this particular topic than we are. So even if people wanna help I am sure there are other places you get more experienced eyes on your question to help you.