SOLVED Fog 1.5.2 for different hardware

  • Hung lê
    I have Ubuntu 16.04 and Fog 1.5.6. It is working great. We have about 20 Dell all in one 7760 PC. I was able to register and re-image 2 PC for the testing purpose. Fog is working great. Can I deploy image I created with 7760 All in One PC to another Optiplex 9020 64 bits PC?

    Thank you,

  • Moderator

    This question is a bit vague on details, so the answer is it depends.

    If you sysprep the image and you are using windows 10 then the answer is probably. The 9020 is pretty old now so windows 10 probably has all of the native drivers for for the 9020 built in. You will probably want to ensure the firmware is updated on the 9020 to the latest and set the firmware to uefi mode to match the configuration of the 7760. The difference in generation of computers are quite large so there is a risk that it won’t work because the technoliogy between the two platforms are quite different. You will also need to make sure you have enough ram in the 9020 too. Finally on the 9020 you will need to swap out the spinning HDD for a SSD drive or running windows 10 on the 9020 will give an unhappy experience.