SOLVED FOG 1.5.7, PXE Advanced Menu edit function is broken

  • In Fog 1.5.7 (and in , Advanced PXE Boot Menu unde FOG configuration, FOG Settings, FOG Boot Settings, PXE Advanced edit window is broken. Pasting the working advanced PXE Menu from 1.5.5 server on to the window causes format issues (line breaks are not accepted!). Could not edit the pasted content either. Scroll controls not appearing on the right side. Please have it fixed in the next release.

  • Senior Developer

    @Veerakumar Thanks for the update. I was wondering why you wanted to use that other field in the “FOG Boot settings”…

  • Dear Mr.Sebastian Roth,

    I could get my issue sorted out by setting the menu under iPXE Menu Customization -> fog.advanced. Thanks for all your help!

  • fogmenu.jpg fogadvanced.jpg
    The Menu I want to implement is the first file. The screen I want to paste into is the second file.
    As you notice, The pasted Menu contents goes sideways not taking the line breaks. How do I implement the menu that I was able to do in the old versions of fog?

  • Senior Developer

    @Veerakumar I can’t replicate this issue in my test setup. Can you please take a picture or even video of that behaviour and post here.

    Which browser and version do you use? On Linux/Windows/MacOS X?

    Please see if you have some kind of ad block addon active in your browser. We have seen strange issues with those kind of plugins.