• hello l’m new to this forum , and a pure layman , l would like to know if FOG can automate and customize , the installation of remote application… and how , please …

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    @mike-S Your simple question has a lot of content behind it.

    Fog does have a function to install applications or run programs on the target computer. Fog doesn’t care about applications or customization. That is up to the IT Tech to properly configure. Must windows application support MSI installation. This MSI installations support command line options to configure the application. Other applications (like adobe acrobat reader) have a customization program that creates a profile ini file that is used during application installation to configure the applications. MS Office has a similar configuration tool.

    So can FOG deploy applications, yes. Can FOG deploy application customizations, yes (as long as the application has been preconfigured). Can FOG customize applications, No.

    If you would have mentioned the application there may be instructions online about how to configure. If you want to google yourself, search for “Unattended install” and your application name.