• Hi,
    I recently added server master node(as a new storage group) to the fog server and upgraded FOG from 1.5.4 to 1.5.7. I have high CPU load 80% of the time, even if there are no any tasks to do. There are two vsftpd daemons consuming 20% of the CPU + kworker from time to time. How can I debug this ?

  • Developer

    @AndrewG78 We need more information. Please check all the logs in /var/log/fog/... and upload log files here.

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    So after disabling replication services, FOG UI became super responsive.
    No more kworkers and vsftps deamons.
    Perhaps an issue in the newest version?
    Does anyone have similar setup and can confirm this bad behaviour ?

  • Developer

    @AndrewG78 Hmm, maybe I was heading down the wrong track but from the minimal information I had the impression some kind of replication would be going on.

    kworker quite often is high disk IO and that kind of made up for me with PHP trying to calculating a checksum and FTP transferring… Just guessing here.

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    Thx for the update. Yes I have read this before I started.
    I have updated my node to the FOG server version at the same time, but I did not stop the replication.
    I’m not sure if this scenario is realted to my setup.
    I have two separate starge groups with only one master node in each of these groups.
    So there are no nodes in the groups in which Master would replicate.
    I will disable FOGImageReplicator and FOGSnapinReplicator on the server, but Im not sure if this is the right way to solve the issue.

  • Developer

    @AndrewG78 Did you upgrade all your nodes? Please make sure you read and understand the important notice in the release notes for FOG 1.5.5 (and later): https://news.fogproject.org/fog-1-5-5-officially-released/

    Nodes being on different versions (1.5.4 vs. 1.5.5) will replicate images over and over again as some of the hashing code needed to be changed. Therefore we advise you to update all nodes in one go! Please make sure you stop replication on the master first systemctl stop FOGImageReplicator; systemctl stop FOGSnapinReplicator, then update the storage node(s) and then update master node as a last step.

    Possibly we need to add this notice to all new releases?!?

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