Multicast crashing network

  • i’m going to try to describe this the best that i can but there are a LOT of details

    • I have a fully working fog server now thanks to ([URL=‘’][SIZE=11px]maltobelli[/SIZE][/URL])
    • gigabit network on a 48 port switch with a second room hooked up to it (about 80 computers)
    • Windows DHCP
    • T110 computers and something else in the other room

    When i deploy a multicast to just 2 computers it starts sending and transferring at 4.5 Gigs a minute.

    • wireshark on the for server says it is send packets out on the ip on
    • wireshark on any other computer also shows packets being received on

    about 1 minutes into the transfer no one has network connectivity.
    I unplug the Ethernet cable from the fog server and it takes about 5 minutes for the network to start working again.

    Is there a solution for this. as in, is there a way to tell the fog server to only send the packets to the computers listed on the multicast list. and not sending it on 232.

    if i need to describe anything else just post

  • okay will do.

  • Moderator

    I am not that experienced with multicasting, but I would check the settings on the switches to make sure multicast was setup properly.

  • oh i forgot to add. when the network crashes the fog transfer still works. but none of the other computers can communicate, at all.

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