• I have a system that I am booting from a PXELinux USB Stick to do a restore.

    It has 3 internal HDD, and I am selectively only backing up/restore the first one (/dev/sda), by defining it in the client image settings.

    The backup/restore works fine, and as long as I only boot via the USB/Refind then the system works fine.

    However for some reason the process of restoring the system is changing the default boot order and putting the EFI shell as the first device, causing the computer to get stuck on that shell once the PXELinux USB has been removed.

    This doesn’t happen all the time, but regularly enough to be a pain.

    Anyone got any ideas why this might be happening? Or indeed a way we might be able to get around it/modify the boot order manually to be correct. Either as part of the restore process, or once the OS has booted for the first time (Via PXELinux)?



  • Senior Developer

    @gazzer82 You should be able to use the efibootmgr tool if the machine is properly booting in UEFI mode. Please describe in more detail how you boot from USB. One time you say pxelinux (which is really old and not used by FOG since years) and then you say rEFInd…

    If you boot up to a FOS debug shell run efibootmgr, take a picture of the output and post here.