Problems with Solid State Drives?

  • Just a general question, but has anyone ever had any problems imaging to or from SSDs using FOG? Also, is it possible to make an image from a standard spinning disk drive and then image to an SSD? And vice-versa? I have mini PCs from last year that have the spinning disk drives and we ordered same model machines for this coming year, but they have SSDs. Just wanted to know what the experience was like for someone who has gone through this.


  • Moderator

    There were some issues with NVME drives in the past that have since been resolved. I do recommend updating to the latest version for best results.

    If it’s just SATA SSDs then it will function just as if it’s a spinning disk in how it’s treated in terms of image capture and deployment.

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    There are no issues going between HDD and SDD as long as the volume of data on the HDD is not larger than the size of the physical SSD drive.