Problem with pending MAC's...I think!?

  • Hi All,

    In the past couple of weeks I have been getting the odd strangeness where we will see a machine have the same MAC as another causing, in the case if an image deploy, one to image and one to constantly reboot looking for the waiting tasks that’s never there as it’s alredy running.

    Upon investgiation, I think it is down the MAC found on the image vs the mac of the actual PC being imaged.

    Pending MAC’s is not something I have ever really looked at before, perhaps I should have, but how am I best to get out of the problems I am having? I have got many, if not all, hosts listed in pending MAC list so ideally need a way to ensure that the primary MAC is that of the base unit, not the source image machine.

    Also be good to know how to stop it happening going forward.

    Sorry if that a bit confused, never dealt with MC issues on FOG before 😞

    Thanks All.

  • Senior Developer

    @CoxM Before we actually dive into the pending MAC stuff I want to take one step back and see if what you describe is really caused by pending MACs at all.

    First, can you reproduce the issue?`Please take a screenshot of the host settings of the two systems running into the problem where we see the MACs and post here.