UNSOLVED Installation of "php-mysqlnd" fails during fog install

  • The entire error message is “Installing package: php-mysqlnd…Failed! (Will try later)”. Everything else installs now, after numerous attempts, when running the fog installer.
    I am running Ubuntu 16.04.1 (ubuntu-16.04.1-server-i386) on a 32 bit CPU.
    Fog 1.5.2, also after recommendations from this forum.
    I hope, and really appreciate, if anyone here has the answer. I am an IT techie, but L2/L3, and Linux is not my strong side, to put it mildly. My two previous fog servers both crashed within the last 3 months, after ten and 6 years of running, and I use these for tanking computers for courses doing L2/L3 training.
    I will of course be happy to supply information that is needed from any var/log/conf files, if asked.
    I’ve set the installation to Normal (not Storage), to run as DHCP, static IP, correct DNS (as the rest of the installation is a witness of).

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    @tomatzo It’s great you try to fight your way through it and seem to get a lot of things fixed yourself. But feel free to post here when you hit an error with 1.5.7 and we surely be able to help you out.

    Best if you can upload the FOG installer error logs that you find in the subdirectory from which you run the installer, usually something like .../forproject/bin/error_logs/. That will make it way easier for us to see what went wrong and how to help you.

  • The first install I tried, this time around, was 18.04 and 1.5.7. I gave up because of the failed install of several modules during the fog install. I looked up the error messages I kept on receiving and came to this forum where several others reported the same problems. One suggestion from a user (not a developer) was that 16.04 and 1.5.2 and 1.5.0 would work.

    The point is that the very particular error message I started this thread with I also got trying to install 18.04/1.5.7, but then with numerous others remaining.

    But when I kept fighting through one error message after the other (with 16.04/1.5.2), I finally managed to narrow it down to this one particular message. The previous two installs in 2010 and 2013 weren’t exactly easy either, but I did get through them in the end looking up one error message after.

    Trying 18.04/1.5.7 in a virtual machine this time.

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    @tomatzo First I’d advise you to use current versions of both FOG (1.5.7 as of today) and Linux (18.04 if you use Ubuntu)! We can’t really support older versions as we don’t have the time to backport fixes. It’s hard enough to keep up with all the questions anyway.

    Fog 1.5.2, also after recommendations from this forum.

    Who told you this and when? We never recommend using an older version.