UNSOLVED PXE Boot "Initial menu has no LABEL entries!"

  • Hey guys. I’ve been working on installing and setting up Fog at home before I deploy it at work. I’ve gotten most of my issues fixed, but now I’m landing on a new one that I can’t find documentation for.

    The server goes up fine but any machine I boot to gets stuck on this:

    Screenshot from 2019-07-22 20-53-40.png

    Any thoughts?

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    @mitnotromney said in PXE Boot "Initial menu has no LABEL entries!":

    I set it up to have Fog handle DHCP.

    In that case it should not habd hand out pxelinux.0 - possibly you have another device handing out IPs and PXE infos to the VM.?! The IP address we see in the picture, is this the FOG server address or a different one?!

  • @george1421, Let me check shortly. And that’s where I’m feeling really lost at. Obviously, I’m doing something wrong. I feel like I’m following the install exactly but I think my network setup is making this more of an issue, that and I’m trying to pxe boot vm’s. I’m sure that’s not helping.

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    @mitnotromney The issue is the posting of pxelinux.0. Where did this come from. FOG hasn’t used pxelinux (syslinux) since a very long time. Your boot loaders should be undionly.kpxe for BIOS systems and ipxe.efi for UEFI systems.

    On your dhcp server what do you have configured for dhcp options 66 and 67?

  • @Sebastian-Roth I used this link to install fog.

    I’m running Fog on Ubuntu in this instance, and it’s on a physical server on it’s own VLAN. I set it up to have Fog handle DHCP. The virtual machine that screenshot is from is running on the server I mentioned in VirtualBox. Let me know any pertinent information you need and I’ll get it.

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    @mitnotromney The picture shows you are definitely not running a current version default FOG setup so please tell us more about it. Which version do you use? Which manual did you read? What is serving DHCP in your network? What is the IP of your FOG server?