UNSOLVED Snapin for installing Office365 offline failing: "system cannot find the file specified"

  • Created a snapin pack using the directions here but can’t get the Office Suite to install. It keeps failing the above error.

    Tried placing the setup.exe file along with the config.xml file inside a folder called ODT. I then selected each item within that folder and created a .zip:
    It was automatically named after the parent folder: ODT.zip:
    To be clear, I did not zip up the ODT folder. I selected the files/folders within it and created a zipped file called ODT.zip.

    I deployed the snapin pack, but it seems FOG is unable see the files:

     7/18/2019 1:46 PM Client-Info Client Version: 0.11.16
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM Client-Info Client OS:      Windows
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM Client-Info Server Version: 1.5.5
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM Middleware::Response Success
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM SnapinClient Running snapin 5000 - Office 365 Offline Installation ver.07.2019.1
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM Middleware::Communication Download: http://fogserver/fog/service/snapins.file.php?mac=my_mac&taskid=24
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM SnapinClient C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG\tmp\ODT.zip
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM SnapinClient Processing SnapinPack ODT.zip
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM SnapinClient Extracting SnapinPack
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM Bus Emmiting message on channel: Notification
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM SnapinClient Starting snapin
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM SnapinClient ERROR: Could not run snapin
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM SnapinClient ERROR: The system cannot find the file specified
     7/18/2019 1:46 PM Middleware::Communication URL: http://fogserver/fog/service/snapins.checkin.php?taskid=24&exitcode=-1&mac=my_mac&newService&json

    A troubleshooting step was to insert “ODT” in the “Snapin Pack File” args but that also failed.

    Possibly interesting is that when I edit the snapin pack, sometimes the Snapin Pack Template setting toggles back to:

    - please select an option -

    Here are my current settings:
    The command is:

    [FOG_SNAPIN_PATH]\setup.exe /configure installOfficeBusRet32.xml  

    Any help appreciated!

  • @altitudehack

    Right, I upload a .bat and use the batch snap-in template

  • @astrugatch So it sounds like you’re kicking off a script rather than using the fields within the FOG Snapin GUI, correct?

  • @george1421

    If the system is already bound to AD and the share is on an AD bound system it should still work. I push AutoCAD this way for one-offs (as a snapin). Just a UNC path with no net use.

    IF EXIST "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2020" goto _End
    "\\SHARE\GPO Installs\Revit2020\Img\Setup.exe" /W /q /I \\SHARE\GPO Installs\Revit2020\Img\REVIT2020.ini /language en-us
  • Moderator

    @astrugatch You also need to be aware that the snapins run as SYSTEM and SYSTEM is only admin of the local box. It doesn’t have any rights on the network even as everyone.

    As a test add a line above your setup.exe to map a drive to \installersshare\office using: net use \\installersshare\office /user:domain\user password and then see if it runs the xml from the remote server.

  • @altitudehack

    The Share is read/change for everyone, but NTFS permissions is only read and execute for everyone.

    Mind you I have the script in my snapins, but I usually use it as part of group policy and its a startup script with logic to look for an existing install.

  • @astrugatch What’s your share access look like? No user/passwords necessary?

  • The way I do it, is that the script goes into FOG but the install files live on a different share that I can call from a UNC path. so the guts to my script are:

    \\installersshare\office\setup.exe /configure \\installersshare\office\config.xml

  • We can do that. It lives in the same folder as setup so would I reuse the FOG variable like so?

    [FOG_SNAPIN_PATH]\setup.exe /configure [FOG_SNAPIN_PATH]\installOfficeBusRet32.xml

    Although now that I think about it, it’d be great if I could modify this file as-needed without having to re-compress the folder.

    Could I use something like this instead?

    [FOG_SNAPIN_PATH]\setup.exe /configure \\myserver\share\installOfficeBusRet32.xml

    and if so, do you have any suggestions on creating a share which the fog service could read from without authentication?

  • Senior Developer

    @altitudehack said in Snapin for installing Office365 offline failing: "system cannot find the file specified":

    [FOG_SNAPIN_PATH]\setup.exe /configure installOfficeBusRet32.xml

    I am wondering if you need to specify a full path for the XML file!?!?