Vmware hard disk clone part 2

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    first of all why would you close a thread before getting reply from the one who started the thread ?
    it is weird that you take the final word before hearing what other wants to say.

    Blackout said

    Images need to be built on the Hardware set you are creating them images for.
    You cannot build images in a VM and then deploy it to a computer.

    and i want to tell blackout that there is something called sysprep and images does not need to be built on the same hardware. i have an image “windows xp, windows 7” that i built on a vmware and it works on these computers “d530, dc7100, dc7600, dc7700, dc7800, 8100elite, 8200elite, Z400, 8440p, 8560p, 2530p, 2560p, 8460p, 8150p”. the process that i am using right now is cloning the image from vmware to clonezilla then from clonezilla to a computer “any one of mentioned above” then from the computer to fog.

    now my question to the other part

    The no hard drive found error is because the kernel does not have support for that particular VM hard drive controller

    which kernel do you mean coz i am using the same distro “ubuntu 10.10” on both fog and clonezilla with the latest kernel. is it something that i need to upgrade, update on my fog server ??
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  • Hi
    I downloaded the latest kernel 3.2. used this link to build a custom kernel
    enbled SCSI low-level drivers from the left side and VMware PCSCSI drivers support from the right side.
    built the new kernel and it worked like charm
    just to note that this command does not work anymore “[FONT=Courier New]make bzImage”. just writing make will fix the bzImage in case you need to update the wiki[/FONT]

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  • Well mate i just updated to the latest kernel and still cant clone a vmware workstation. i have the driver for the vmware harddisk but is there a way to inject it into the kernel. i followed the walkthrough on how to enable the network drivers but it is just enable and disable.

  • Hi mate
    am working on updating the kernel and trying to put the driver of vmware SCSI in it. i will inform you if i succeed. i just want to get some time so i can finish it.

  • Hi Ahmed. The kernel Blackout’s referring to is the boot kernel that FOG uses during the PXE phase while running on the target computer. It has nothing to do with the kernel running under Linux on your FOG server. Find update possibilities through the FOG GUI under “Other Information > Kernel Updates.”