UNSOLVED wording can be improved around task assignment

  • On the Advanced Task page, this wording under All Snapins does not suggest only assigned snapins will be installed:

    This option allows you to send all the snapins to host without imaging the computer...

    could instead say:

    This option allows you to send all the snapins which are assigned to the host without imaging the computer...

    Also, to offer clearer indication to persons attempting to push snapins to an existing PC, add a pop-up or append to the existing “Host Update Success” popup a message such as:
    Note: to deploy these snapins to an existing image with the FOG service running, click the "All Snapins" link under Basic Tasks -> Advanced to create the task.

  • Senior Developer

    I would have to agree.

    Snapins, at least if I remember correctly, can now be applied individually regard less of if they’re actually associated with the host. I can make the text change. Ultimately, like what you did for the Image Resize, I’d like to use the ( i ) icon’s to be more indicative of the actions and helpfully make fog a bit more natural to understand, but this isn’t a “bug” persay, and non instrumental in the overall functionality of FOG.

    I’m sure most understand, I tend to hate making text based changes. Not because they’re hard or unreasonable, but text - in my eyes - is not as important to the actual functionality. This can wait. We will work to fix this, but it certainly, in my eyes, does not have to be an immediate thing.

  • Senior Developer

    @Tom-Elliott I had this on my list for so long just because it needs a schema update. As I don’t see this is really a bug but more an improvement I would think we leave that for later. What do you reckon?