SOLVED Fog Startup and Log in issue

  • SOOOOO I thought I ran out of space so I shut down the FOG VM and increased the size. After increasing the size I started it back up and I got to the Log in that displays the users names and after I log in I get the FOG background Blue wallpaper but that is it. SOOOO I shut it down and shrunk it back down and started it back up and got the same response. I am not sure what to do, I can not even ping the server. How do I get to the command line to check the IP address? How do I get the system back up, I just had completed a clone of our machines, and I am in a panic mode now. !!!

  • Never mind I have found the answer at
    Made it so easy even a cave man could do it

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    @techadmin Well the answer is it depends…

    Add the space back to the disk, then login to the fog server’s linux console.

    key in df -h and lsblk and post the results here. Hint: If you login to the fog server using putty you can copy and paste without needing to take screen shots.

  • Ok how do I do that?

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    You increased the size of the VM disk, right? Did you also expand the file system to match the size of the new disk? I’m going to suspect that your file system is still filled up even when you added disk space. The same rules apply to windows, when you expand the disk you need to go into the disk manager and extend the partition to the size of the disk. Nothing changes in that respect with linux.