UNSOLVED Wipe destination drive(s) prior to deploying image

  • Scenario is I have a destination machine with 2 NVMe drives, It currently already has a linux install on one of the drives. Sometimes Fog seems to erase the existing in use drive and deploy the image to that drive, and other times it picks drive 2 and images there, thus creating an issue when we boot/reboot that sometimes the wrong drive is picked for booting and its not the right image.

    What is the best method for wiping all drives including partition tables/mbr on the destination machine prior to a deploy?


  • Senior Developer

    @londonfog There is a long story about NVMe drives swaping around possibly on every reboot as the kernel does not seem to enumerate the drives always in the same order as it does with ATA/SCSI drives. For more details see here: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/12959/dell-7730-precision-laptop-deploy-gpt-error-message

    For your situation: I am not sure what we can do to help you work around this. Please read through the other topic and see if you can get an idea on this.