SOLVED Not booting in UEFI, BIOS working

  • I am having trouble getting PXE boot to work with UEFI on FOG. If I set to regular BIOS boot, it works fine. How can I get FOG to work with UEFI secure boot? When I boot to UEFI with PXE, it shows the old server’s IP address and then gives an error message. I have a Windows DHCP server, and have changed the options in it to point to the new FOG server, not sure what else I need to do. Thanks!

  • @george1421 Got it. I made the changes and in the process of deploying my first image now. Appreciate the help.

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    @AdamH I might fix up what you have configured what you have in DHCP. The IP address of the pxe boot server (option 66) should be static and doesn’t need to change based on the matched filter. So I would only change the boot file (option 67) based on the matched filter, something like this:

    You will also I defined undionly.kpxe for the unfiltered option 67. That way if the target computer doesn’t match a filter then it uses the default (for bios). I do this because I’m not created a specific boot file filter for bios, so the default rule will win.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Tried to put a screenshot of the DHCP scope options. I’ll take a look at that wiki article as well, but going off of what George posted I may just have to disable to image, then enable it again which is fine. Thanks for the help though. is the new FOG server I have setup, is the old imaging server that was here that it keeps going to.


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    @AdamH said in Not booting in UEFI, BIOS working:

    How can I get FOG to work with UEFI secure boot?

    FOG does not support secure boot at the moment. Secure boot requires Microsoft signed boot components or a signed shim. Long story short disable secure boot as well as bit locker if you need to capture and deploy with FOG. You can turn them back on after cloning is finished.

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    @AdamH Please post a picture of the settings in your DHCP server. This will be the quickest way we find out what’s wrong. As well have you read the following wiki article?