UNSOLVED DHCP / Vendor Classes / Multiple EFI files

  • FOG Server: 1.4.4
    Storage Nodes: 1.4.4
    Ubuntu: 14.04.5.LTS
    DHCP server 2012 r2

    Im currently stuck on DHCP Vendor Classes.

    I have a wide range of laptops and computers and we are moving over to UEFI Windows 10.

    I had a policy in place for PXEClient:Arch:00007 to use the ipxe.efi boot file. This worked fine. How ever some of the laptops dont like this efi and wont boot, but will boot with the snp.efi.

    I would like them all to boot and create policys for each. I noticed in the DHCP logs i have 2 different PXECleint:Arch:0007 versions. PXEClient:Arch:00007:UNDI003010 and PXEClient:Arch:00007:UNDI003016

    When i define my vendor classes in DHCP i add the full PXEClient info in the ASCII field for both vendor classes.

    vendor class.PNG

    Then when i create my policy for the scope i add the vendor class in and set options 66 and 67 in the options / DHCP Standard Options. Do the 66 and 67 need to be set in the Vendor Class itself? Does that make sense?


    Either way when i set them in either or both the laptops just boot to the unidionly.kpxe and dont boot fog menus.

    Just wondering if anyone has come across this before? I have read the “BIOS and UEFI Co-Existence” guide on the Wiki page, but its not much help for using 2 efi files.

    Thanks in advance