Step by Step Configure WDS Server (Windows Deployment Services) On Windows Server 2016

  • In this article, we are going to learn ‘Step by Step Configure WDS Server (Windows Deployment Services) On Windows Server 2016’. Due to the increase in information technology (IT) solutions in organizations, the number of actual and virtual server images has also increased. Due to this situation, deployment of operating systems takes longer to complete and requires valuable institutional resources. As a result, companies are looking for new ways to automate the service delivery process. Virtual machine environments have become ubiquitous in a datacenter and having the ability to deploy virtual server roles and workloads while deploying an operating system is an important part of the application process.

    Windows Deployment Services (WDS) is a service role that allows you to deploy the Windows operating system to a PXE-enabled client. You can install a Windows operating system on a PXE-capable client without the need for physical media. Besides, it allows you to deploy a Windows operating system to multiple clients at the same time. In this way, reducing the entire installation time. WDS makes your life easier. You do not have to go to another room in the same room to deploy the operating system with the necessary software and drivers. Administrators can schedule schedules for deployment. The next day when you come in and log in to your computer, you will be installing a new operating system. In addition, drivers and software have been installed.

    WDS Functions:

    • Allows you to install a network-based operating system.
    • Facilitate the process of deployment.
    • Supports deployment of computers without any installed operating system.
    • Provide end-to-end deployment solutions for clients and server computers.
    • Use existing technologies like Windows PE, Windows Image File (.wim) and virtual hard disk (.vhd and .vhdx) image files, and image-based deployment.

    Hardware Requirements:

    RAM: minimum of 4GB
    Processor: 64-bit processor
    Hard Drive Space: At least 10GB Or Depend On OS ISO and Software’s Size.
    Prerequisites to Configure WDS Server:
    Before configuring the WDS server, your server must be sure that the following requirements are met.

    1)Changed Windows Server Hostname.

    2)Turn off Windows Server Firewall.

    3)Set Static IP on Windows Server.

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