SOLVED Computers not booting from HD if iPXE fails

  • Hello everyone! Here’s my scenario: I have my computer’s boot order set to:
    1st boot: Lan with PXE
    2nd boot: Hard Disk.

    Lets say that, for any mysterious reasons, the iPXE booting fails to load the FOG Boot Menu, in this case I would expect that it would continue to booting on the 2nd boot configured, Hard Disk in my case. But it’s not happening, after the iPXE fails happens, seconds later the machine reboots and the machine gets stuck in a loop boot->ipxe fail->reboot .

    Am I doing anything wrong? Is there any setting in FOG i’m missing?

  • Sorry for bringing this back to life, but I guess this needs a disclosure: i fixed the issue incresing the max connections on my DB and by reducing the time that MySQL keeps the idle connections active. Sorry for not bringing this earlier.

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    @scosta Any news on this?

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    @scosta I guess 2.5 points here.

    1. I’d almost have to see a video of where exactly its causing the reboot because this isn’t normal. iPXE really doesn’t interact directly with the database. The only time iPXE touches the database is when it chains to boot.php. I can’t see the connection a the moment the linkage between iPXE an the database.
    2. Why don’t you change the max connections on the database?
      2.5 How many client computers do you have in your environment?

  • I noticed sometimes it happened because my database max connections were exceeded, leading to an error on loading the menu.

    Is there a way to change this behavior of iPXE commanding a reboot?

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    So your saying that iPXE is aborting and then rebooting the system? If that is the case we need to identify why iPXE is doing this because if iPXE is telling the computer to reboot it will never fall through to the second booting option, because… it was told to reboot.