• I’be been using FOG now for over a year. Replaced Novell Zenworks Cofiguration Manager. Trying to multicast my first lab. Created group, assigned lab pc’s to group and created a multitask for that group. There are 19 pc’s in the group and I have all 19 pc’s sitting at their white screen ready to be imaged but nothing happens.
    They just sit there as if their waiting on another pc to join but all 19 have joined, FOG gui says “processing” on the Task
    Any help would be appreciated

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    @im-pearce Any news on this? Is there something we can do for you to solve this?

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    @im-pearce said in Muticast:

    My network supports routing across networks.

    Just be aware that multicast routing is different than tcpip routing. Most tcpip routers block multicast messages from crossing the subnets. Fog has two modes of imaging, unicast (point to point one stream) and multicast (point to many one stream). Unicasting will work in any routed network. Multicasting needs the infrastructure setup to support the multicast stream.

    But for the point of discovery, can you put at least 2 of these computers on the same vlan as the fog server and test. What I want to rule out is the fog server not multicasting right. If they image correctly then we can rule out the fog server at fault.

  • Lab is on it’s own vlan and fog server is on vlan 1. My network supports routing across networks.
    My old Zenworks imaging server was on vlan 1 and could talk to any pc’s across the network as long as there was a helper address.

    It’s the latest version.

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    Multicasting is a beast upon itself. With that said, is the fog server and the target computers on the same subnet? If not you will need an multicast router or igmpproxy setup to send the multicast traffic between your subnets. This is not a fog requirement, but more of an infrastructure multicast thing.

    Also for clarity, what version of FOG are you running?