• @Fernando-Gietz

    FOG Ver. :
    FOG OS: Centos 7

    I have been experincing an issue with my DB. We determined I was on an older version from when FOG Working-1.6 was out there. I am experiencing an issue where Snap-In’s are not deploying via Group settings. When I look at the Fog.log on the hosts I see SnapinClient == Response No snapins. I also do not see anything under Task Management. When I go into the DB their are numerous entries in snapinJobs and snapinTasks.

    I’m assuming this goes back to the issues I was having with my database schema…

    Anyhow an ideas on how to fix this would be great!

    I appreciate everything the FOG team does!


    Joe Gill

  • I’m on fire today guys… I apologize for all of these mis-posts… The reason why my FOG hosts aren’t getting jobs is because my old server is still online… I was running an old image that had my previous server IP on it for the client…

    Boy oh boy! Glad it was that simple. I believe that is the end of it.

    Please mark this as solved.