TFTP error on server

  • When I do

    systemctl status tftpd-hpa

    I have this :


    In fact with :

    netstat -an|grep :69

    I don’t get any response

    With :

    ps aux|grep tftp

    I get this :


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    @idiart33 OK the issue here is that the tftp service can’t start, it can’t bind to the ipv4 socket. This typically means that there is already a service running bound to that socket. So far there is no other problems other than tftp, so you don’t need to look at fog settings at the moment. Having to hand edit the default.ipxe file means that you do have some fixup to do with fog because the IP address changed after you installed FOG.

    STOP... I just looked at your previous posts "In the /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default file I had a bad IP." why is syslinux installed on this computer? FOG uses iPXE for its boot loader. This tells me you don't have a standard FOG install. Are you installing FOG side by side with another opensource project?

    Lets first try to understand why tftp is not starting.

    Please run these command:

    systemctl status tftpd-hpa

    Make sure the service is still in the state of not being able to bind to the socket.

    Then run:

    netstat -an|grep :69

    You should not get any response.

    If you get a response like below you already have a tftp service running on your computer. I’m going t guess you WILL get a response like below, but lets see.

    netstat -an|grep :69
    udp        0      0    *

    Another test would be this command:

    ps aux|grep tftp

    With the status of can not bind to the socket, I would expect this to return some value too. What this test does is to check to see if a service with tftp in the name is running in memory.

  • I have a snapshot before changing IP of server.

    I can restore and change IP adress if it’s better.

  • I edit the file /tftpboot/default.ipxe because I found a bad IP in chain=…

    But I still have a tftp problem when I boot the server.

  • It’s the file you ask me !


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    @idiart33 Please run systemctl status tftpd-hpa and post the full output here.

  • In the /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default file I had a bad IP.
    I change it but I still have same error after rebooting the server.

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