Host import with multiple mac addresses

  • Hi All

    I’ve done some googling and i’ve not found an answer so i am hoping you guys can help me out.

    i need a way to import 900 machines into fog with both their wired and wireless mac addresses.

    The import CSV only seems to allow a single mac per host.

    I’m thinking of creating an update query in mysql to somehow import the other mac address into the system, has anyone done this before and want to give me a few pointers?

  • Ok I’m an idiot add the additional MAC address’s with the add mac address’s under general info. So ignore my problem its now fixed.

  • I am having a similar issue out laptops have wired, Wireless and docking station MAC addresses this makes it tough to push a snap in when they are not on the registered MAC address is there a solution to this that I am missing.