UNSOLVED No Such Device or Address Error

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    I am hoping someone can help me. I need to get this working for my studies - I have setup a FOG Server with CentOS 7 as the host. For some reason, I can register two other VM’s ( One Win 10 and LinuxMint ). The “!” circle will go green and upon initial registration it appears fine, however after a matter a of minutes it turns red with “No such device or address”. I have deleted the hosts and attempted to create this again multiple times to no avail.

    I have checked to static ip I have set and that seems to be fine, and I as mentioned when I power on the other two VM’s with a “host only” setting on the network I do have the option to register and it gives me the impression that it is working well.

    Please understand I still learning networking concepts and a complete novice at this, so I am hoping I can get a fix that is straight forward enough to implement. Many Thanks.


    Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

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    FOG needs to be able to resolve the name you defined as a host name in fog to the target system using DNS. So if you can open a command prompt and ping Win10_AT and it works then you have everything setup and fog should resolve and show these systems as up. The only other thing is FOG doesn’t use the icmp ping command to check status but FOG tries to connect to udp port 445 on the target computer. So you need to make sure that udp port 445 is enabled in the target computer’s firewall.

    So to restate this in list form:

    1. The hosts to be able to be resolved by name by DNS
    2. The host have udp port 445 open in the windows firewall.

    This is only informational (green or red mark in the host list) and does not impact the function of fog if you choose to ignore it.