SOLVED Steps/Requirements to Update FOG 1.5.4 to 1.5.6

  • CentOS Linux 7.5.1804
    FOG 1.5.4

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but was not able to find the answer to this in the wiki or in the forum.

    What steps needs to be taken to update our current FOG installation from 1.5.4 to 1.5.6 other than taking a snapshot before running new installer?

    All our FOG Storage nodes are currently on 1.5.4. Do we update nodes first? Does it matter? If Storage nodes need to be updated first but we missed one and it comes on after we updated our master fog to 1.5.6 will things break?

  • So this can get marked as resolved. Everything worked as expected except when you update the nodes the GUI did not show the new version until after we updated the Master. All the issues we had with 1.5.4 were resolved with 1.5.6. Very happy with this update.

    GUI is super fast!
    The freezing on formating MBR/GPT on start of imaging is back to only a few seconds. Replication seems to be acting normal again.

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    @UWPVIOLATOR said in Steps/Requirements to Update FOG 1.5.4 to 1.5.6:

    072Cache was updated to 1.5.6 and we updated the username in GUI to fogproject and verified the password. Is this normal until we update the master node to 1.5.6?

    No, unfortunately this is a bug in 1.5.6 and we are working on releasing 1.5.7 soon to fix that. Manually adjusting the username works för you just aß well. Beside the Storage Node settings you need to fix the username in FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings as well.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Yes I had already had it disabled.

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    @UWPVIOLATOR You better shut down the replication services NOW - systemctl stop FOGImageReplicator; systemctl stop FOGSnapinReplicator on your master node.

    Read the important notice here:

    We can sort out the rest tomorrow.

  • I tested that node and it still deploys image so my guess is its a glitch in the GUI until we update the master node.

  • @Sebastian-Roth @Tom-Elliott We planed a maintenance window tomorrow morning to update our FOG. We were going to update storage nodes today but when we update the nodes from 1.5.4 to 1.5.6 in the FOG GUI we no longer see them connected. 072Cache was updated to 1.5.6 and we updated the username in GUI to fogproject and verified the password. Is this normal until we update the master node to 1.5.6?


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    @UWPVIOLATOR once all nodes are at 1.5.5 I don’t imagine there being an issue with updating nodes as needed. 1.5.5 the logic for replication changed quite a lot which is why we highly suggest making sure all nodes are at least st this level first.

    Mind you reasoning:

    1. Logic checks occur at the nodes themselves, so 1.5.5 modified how these checks operated.

    2. Master checks changed and need the information returned in such a way that only 1.5.5 did properly.

    I’m sure there’s more but this is more to just illustrate the point more directly as to the “why”

  • @Sebastian-Roth Thank you for that we will do that when updating to 1.5.6, but for future upgrades is it best practice to update nodes then update master? If we miss a node (we have 12-15) will that break the master node in any way? Also if we update nodes and then don’t update the master will that break things? What happens if we update the master but not the nodes. Say we go to 1.5.63 then 1.5.7 comes out. If we don’t go back and then update all of them right way that ok but I would assume you would want them to be updated eventually correct?

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    @UWPVIOLATOR I would recommend you wait a couple of days as we prepare för 1.5.7 release with important fixes.

    Please read the update notes for 1.5.5 before you go ahead!!!