Incorporating into Existing Environment

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    I’ve used FOG in the past and have absolutely enjoyed it, but I’ve never set it up myself in the past. I have a in-place DHCP server and I understand I need to modify the DHCCP Server Options to have options #66 and #67 enabled, but how will this affect the current systems in production? I assume that only devices with PXE boot selected as their highest priority will see this change. Any information about how this process works would be greatly appreciated!

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    The only time you will impact current systems in production is if your current environment relies on dhcp next-server (option 66) or boot-file (option 67) or uses ProxyDHCP (udp port 4011) to communicate configuration files to your booting devices (such as a voip phone needing to find the pbx system to get its configuration file). If a booting device never attempts to get booting information from dhcp then there is no impact.

    Having FOG and either Microsoft’s WDS or SCCM on the same network will cause conflicts.

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    @njohnson Yes, setting DHCP options 66 and 67 will only affect PXE booting devices. Please use a search engine to find out more about PXE booting and how this works. The information is available on the web.

    PS: I moved this topic as this has nothing to do with Windows as far as I see it.