• Hello!

    I just updated my version of FOG from 1.5 to 1.5.6.
    My previously working AD Join no longer works.

    In an attempt to fix it, I went in and re-set my password in the Active Directory Defaults area. (My password has not changed recently, but I thought maybe something went wrong during the upgrade and it needed to be re-entered.)

    Prior to this, any time I changed my password here, it would auto-encrypt the password I put in, so that if you clicked the view button, my password was not view-able but now, it just leaves my password as password.

    I checked the log on the client machine and the hostname changer has “Unknown return code 1909” in it.

    I then tried upgrading to, but that didn’t fix my issue.

    I’ve also noticed that all of my images now belong to fogproject instead of fog on the server. Is this normal?

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  • Senior Developer

    @LindsayS said in AD Join:

    it would auto-encrypt the password

    Have you used the old legacy client before? With the new fog-client we don’t do the password encryption anymore.