SOLVED FOG Certificate Authority - What is it and can I use it?

  • Hi all,

    We use FOG to image and maintain our workstations. We are looking to implement WI-FI along with a RADIUS service that will utilise a trusted certificate. For various reasons, laptops are not domain joined, so we can’t deploy certificates via group policy. I note that FOG has a CA that adds its public key into Windows trusted certificate authority list. I’ve tried to find documentation on what this CA is, and if I can use it to mint my own certificates, but have so far failed, does anyone know the answer to these questions?


  • Senior Developer

    @Landy_Dan The FOG CA was introduced to secure the connection between fog-client software and the FOG server. We use certificate based state of the art encryption for that. But you need to know that it is a self signed CA and not derived from an official authority.

    Not sure if it’s wise (and even possible) to use that for your RADIUS project. Give it a try and see how far you get. Start by taking a look at all the certificate stuff in /opt/fog/snapins/ssl/ on your FOG server.