• Currently fog tracks assets by mac address. Unfortunately, this is causing issues correlating to devices that have removable pxe interfaces, eg surface pro devices.

    I currently have multitudes of these devices, and only a handful of USB network interfaces. The mac address travels with the adapter and not the device. Would it be possible to change the key value from the mac address to something like the serial or some unique value that stays with the device.

  • Developer

    @cmurray139 i’m not sure. I don’t have much experience with devices that don’t have Ethernet built in. if you search the forums, you might find someone who’s already solved the problem though.

  • I add the wifi mac into the host, but it sees the device as unregistered when it pxe boots.

    Any magic I’m overlooking?

  • Developer

    @cmurray139 we are evaluating alternative unique identification methods, but it’s difficult to find something that fits our needs. in the meantime, you can register the wifi adapter’s mac address instead of the USB device.