Failing to Update Database after capture of image is complete on the client

  • @Sebastian-Roth if by fog-client software you mean the service that runs in the background I have not installed that service on the Windows 10 OS I am trying to capture with FOG. Currently, I am only working with 1 physical PC.

    Here is the workflow I am following:

    • PXE boot physical PC
    • Perform full host registration and inventory on physical PC using FOS
    • Using the FOG web UI, schedule a capture task for this physical PC
    • PXE boot the physical PC and the capture task begins running
    • Capture completes but encounters a update database failed error

    I have gone through the entire troubleshoot guide here and still I continue getting the failed to update database error.

    Here are the screenshots from the 3 main error log files:




  • Developer

    @tgidwani Seems like you run into some kind of issue where the “Update Database” returns with a “Service U available” from the FOG web server. On retry it fails because the update seems to have happened despite the unavailable error. So now it can’t update anymore and keeps failing.

    We need to figure out why you get the unavailable in the first place. How many machines with the fog-client sotfware do you have installed?

    Please take a look at the apache error log. See my signature on where to find that log.

  • @george1421 Here are the screenshots of the entire process that my client goes though once a capture task has been scheduled:

    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3
    Screenshot 4
    Screenshot 5
    Screenshot 6

    No, I do not see any error message (before the failed to update database) that mentions anything about ftp_put.

    Yes, those passwords match the password stored in /opt/fog/.fogsettings

  • Moderator

    Could you provide a clear screen shot of the error page taken with a mobile phone?

    Does the error message (before the failed to update database) mention anything about ftp_put?

    Ensure the storage management, tftp server and local fogproject user have the same password

    Does this password match the password stored in /opt/fog/.fogsettings file?

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